Sony announced a new Karate Kid film

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Hopefully this one will at least deal with the Japanese martial art of Karate, as per the title. The 2010 reboot featuring Jackie Chan as the teacher and Jaden Smith as the student was about the Chinese art of Kung Fu, which is not the same thing!

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Maybe this time Daniel is the master?

I wonder how hard it is to do a straight Karate Kid film in a post-Cobra-Kai world. Let’s face it, on closer indpection the franchise is pretty ridiculous and not exactly unproblematic. Cobra Kai is self-aware enough to just roll with it and celebrate the more bizarre aspects of the karate universe.


Nah. Hillary Swank is the master.


This drove me absolutely insane while watching the 2010 remake. They could have just as easily called it Kung Fu Kid.


The only master is Sho Nuff

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I haven’t watched a lot of Cobra Kai, but one thing I do appreciate from what I have see is how it ties nostalgia to people rather than objects.

This is a refreshing contrast to other franchises like Star Wars (especially Star Wars), Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, and others where every little piece of junk now needs a backstory. (See, that widget isn’t just a widget, it was actually once Han Solo’s grade school teacher’s cousin’s butt plug, and they were killed in an unfortunate FTL incident, which by the way will be covered in more depth in an upcoming webisode series on the Star Wars website which will have important details you’ve never heard before about the Millennium Falcon’s fuel pods, which will be important in an upcoming podcast series focusing on Leia’s hairdresser, which will have crucial details about a background character in Return of the Jedi.)

CK even goes as far as to use these object hooks and invert it completely by basically saying, “so yeah, that thing you remember from the past, well, it’s gone now :person_shrugging:”.


Not the same movie, but when it comes to fighting I love this exchange from I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!.

  • Willie : I heard you screamin’ from all the way over there, and…

Leonard : I wasn’t screamin’, all right?

Willie : But I heard you…

Leonard : I wasn’t screamin’! I was whistling!

Willie : You was whistling “Willie, help get this b***h off of me”?

Leonard : Yeah!

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Or, hear me out…

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