Get ready for another remake of the Karate Kid

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Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or Michelle Yeoh as Mr./Ms. Miyagi, or GTFO.



And from the look of it, the movie will feature a Chinese protagonist in the lead again, despite karate originating in Japan.

Gotta milk that mainland Chinese movie market for all it’s worth!

They’ll probably cast another nepotism baby for the kid role like they did with Jaden Smith.


They literally already did one with Jackie Chan. They were even talking about a sequel for a long time.

One of the most impressive things about the original movie is that Pat Morita was a veteran actor and stand-up comic but was never a student of Karate before he trained in preparation for the role. So maybe a fresh face—or at least an unexpected one—wouldn’t be such a bad idea if they insist on yet another remake.


I haven’t seen anything other than the first two original movies but in the context of those films it made a certain amount of sense to have the protagonist come from a background where Karate was foreign to him. Having a protagonist who grew up surrounded by folks who shared mr Miyagi’s background and already somewhat familiar with Karate certainly could make a good movie but it would be a very different kind of story arc.

What I don’t understand is why, with all these many reboots, it’s always Karate rather than one of the many other styles of martial arts out there. And it’s easy to come up with potential titles:
The Kung Fu Kid
The Wing Chun Child
The Judo Junior
The Little Muay Thai Guy
The Taekwondo Tyke


Maybe they could do a role-swap thing where some kid in mainland China learns to defend himself from bullies by learning boxing from the reclusive American expat who maintains his apartment complex.


That reminds me that I haven’t watched the latest season of Cobra Kai yet

But we know that’s not how Americans “defend” themselves thse days. If there was an American teaching “self-defense” to a kid from another culture the movie title would probably be something like The AR-Fif Teen, which I could do without.


Maybe work in a bit of a Xu Xiaodong angle, really tank your prospects in that market. I like it.

I was trying to forget all about it.

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So you don’t share the YouTube link, and the article that this comes from doesn’t share the link.

I give up.

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Doesn’t need a remake but I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about Mr. Miyagi. His childhood, why he left Okinawa, his military service, death of his wife and child, all the way up to him acquiring and building that awesome house.

It could end at the scene where he rescues Daniel. Kind of like how Rogue One ended.

I’d watch that movie

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With so many of the original movies’ actors popping up in the current series, there are comments they need find a way for Hillary Swank and even Jackie Chan to appear as well. I don’t think anyone particularly wants to see Jaden Smith, tho.

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