Not Playing Podcast 012: I Karate Kid You Not




Has the same director as Rocky and was envisioned as a Rocky movie for children.


I resisted seeing The Karate Kid for a long time for the same reason Dan did: I thought it was a karate movie, and I just wasn't into karate.

A friend of mine who was into karate--he had a red belt, as I recall--refused to see it because he insisted it was so unrealistic about karate matches. A move like sweeping the leg, he kept telling anyone who would listen, would get a competitor disqualified.

This seriously undermined his claim that practicing karate made a person smarter.


The epilogue:


In the special DVD Ralph Macchio also says that he and the rest of the cast, of course, did not know karate. He and Pat Morita were trained in a totally different style from the "bad kids," and kept separate from them during the preparation for their roles.


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