In The Karate Kid, Daniel is the REAL bully. Watch this proof

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It would have been clever, if they could have pulled it off only with movie clips. But having to use the crutch of false narration ruins the whole concept.

No points.


The breakdown for Daniel’s motivation’s and behavior is something i’d never considered. It does give the movie a new perspective to me, which i definitely appreciate and enjoy. However i think a case can be made in the defense of Daniel, though i think both kids were in the wrong. The bully in the movie does not need to threaten Daniel with physical violence because of his social standing and abilities, so he can be passively menacing. And oftentimes he and his friends resort to verbal and psychological threats, if you don’t think this is a big deal then ask a current high schooler that gets bullied about it.

However, Daniel is also a reckless and aggressive kid. And that’s actually the point of the movie which isn’t my interpretation, That’s the central theme of the movie. He eventually learns to manage his ego and recklessness, as good as a high schooler can.

I think the one flaw this movie might have is that the bully isn’t given much of an arc or motivation beyond being there to be menacing. Yeah he’s an asshole, but why exactly? He doesn’t need to be sympathetic to the viewer, but it’s not like he’s a serial killer. He’s just a kid that doesn’t know any better than to be a dick. Some people grow out of that sort of stuff after they go on from High School.

Verbal diarrhea. Sorry. I love Karate Kid [:


This would actually make a good illustration to show how careful framing can cause a situation to be seen COMPLETELY differently. It can be a rather insidious method, especially when the set-ups happen too quickly for the other person to respond. They end up arguing about the argument, instead of what they want.


Yup. Stinson said it first.

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My favorite hidden message in the movie is that hard work, dedication, and perseverance (as demonstrated by the top student at the Cobra Kai Dojo) means nothing if some n00b upstart can get in a cheap shot.


Extra points for the creepy dude in the reflection.


I’d say that’s the obvious message (yes i know you’re joking). The hidden one being one of the actual lessons instilled in those that practice traditional martial arts, which is striving to put aside your arrogance and ego. Johnny in the movie is definitely the better fighter, with years of experience, but was essentially defeated because of his lack of self-understanding and self-control. Daniel is a punk, i wont deny that but his personal growth is ultimately what allowed him to persevere. Should’ve he won? I don’t think so and that probably would’ve made for a more interesting movie, like in the first Rocky movie, but the regular movie-going person would prefer Daniel coming out on top.


Worlds best example of that.


The video didn’t even point out that Daniel won the competition with an illegal kick to the face… surely his greatest crime


Any man can be painted as a traitor with enough words and the appropriately moody music.

The premise is a good one, but unlike when the star wars loose change parody happened I couldn’t sink into the part of tinfoil nutter wanting to believe.

As for the ‘illegal kick’ move? Similar strikes had been shown before, and not just by the cobra kai, with no nothing. Rules seem to loosely be based on the idea of ‘punches are illegal, but to kick a person in the head shows skill. plus there is more risk involved if you miss.’

“Ed Gruberman, you fail to grasp Ti Kwan Leep. Approach me that you might see.”


it would have been stronger also if it was only clips. Could have left out some of the obviously dickish behavior of the white thug.

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