Danny and Johnny team-up for new YouTube "Karate Kid" sequel

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This is the first I’ve heard of YouTube Red since they dropped Pewdiepie, so I guess that counts for something.

I wonder if they’ll choose to ignore Karate Kid Part III?

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It’ll be on Youtube Red? I guess Youtube wants to make sure no one sees this series.


That was the first thing i thought of too. in the film, daniel is totally antisocial, and is only the “good guy” because of the framing.


That No More Kings video is wonderful.

How about The Karate Kid vs Rocky?

Two old guys hacking away at each other, each in their own unique style.

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This seems very unnecessary.


must you wax on about it? :wink:


he isn’t pro-social, and even a bit avoidant the way he hangs out with that creepy old spiderman catching flies, but in what ways is he “anti” social?

Is it the way he blew up the whole high school to impress his dad? Or spent his parents money on drugs and unscientific experiments with bringing his friends back from near death experiences?

I would tend to agree with your assessment, you don’t need this.

(I don’t agree with the video, but I don’t have and can’t remember the original film to check)


Yeah, I love a good ‘reverse victim and offender’ story.

LIke I said, I don’t have and can’t remember the original film. I just linked to the video referenced in the first comment.

I wasn’t responding to the first comment. Thanks though!

But you were responding to a reply to it, which was referencing the video.

double check, pretty sure the comment I responded to was referencing the film, while responding to a comment about the video (agreeing with the take in the video, based on the film). I sure think it was.

Anyhow, no. I don’t think Daniel-san was a bully. But I’ve seen the original film, and remember it.

Bullies generally like to convince people that the folks reacting to the antisocial pushing by the bully are the -actual- bullies. That’s the whole game for them!

See also:

Sadly I know this from personal experience of being on the receiving end of bullying. It’s why I added that I can’t remember the film.

I’m going to add a bit more to my original post pointing out that I don’t agree with the video.

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Oh I probably wasn’t as clear in the first place as I could have been. I don’t ever appreciate that kind of reframing* and as such I call it when I see it. No reflection on you, sometimes I’m incorrect in my initial conclusions! :open_mouth:

*  - i am watching GoT at the moment, and my inner WTF SOCIAL POSTURING ALERT dashboard lights are blinking furiously. Well written show!

Also edited to add: Pat Morita is the real star of the Karate Kid movies, his recent (2005) passing is a great loss - I wager he’d have been on board for the ‘sequel’.


This is some nifty editing.

(Removal of most of the context, and playing a shell game thing, but with the framing, and villains become heroes. Also a nice touch narrating over “here he has yet to become violent” while the bully guy* literally shoves someone and throws a radio which doesn’t belong to him.)

  • “The bully guy.” Yep. Still terrible with names, even after hearing them only a few minutes ago.