Coca-Cola to fund obesity research that says it's not about diet


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I guess they are blessed with not having a Marlboro Man style mascot who can die from using their product.


So they are going to stick with “You’re a lazy piece of shit.” defense, huh?


thanks for highlighting this bs, rob. “it’s all about calories and exercise” (and not about what you eat) is such a damaging lie.

“fed up” was a good movie on this crap, and i have high hopes for a new one, “that sugar movie.”


Consider HFCS like The Jedi. Cutting them out brings balance to the Force.


Well they seem to have a point.

In the last two decades, consumption of full-calorie sodas by the average American has dropped by 25 percent.

And yet obesity continues to rise. Maybe exercise does play a role.


Have you not seen Santa?! Walking cardiac arrest.


I don’t think anyone is saying it doesn’t play a role. Of course exercise is important.

The problem is Coca-Cola and other greedheads trying to downplay the massive role played by sugar. “Low fat,” for instance, usually ends up meaning “high, and hidden, sugar.”


Notice the “full calories” part. Diet soda can still cause an insulin reaction in your body. Which means more fat storage. Not saying that exercise isn’t an important part of staying healthy, but it would be nice if food companies were more honest about how nutrition works.


Sugar intake in the US,per capita, continues to rise despite any drop in soda consumption and total caloric intake and carbohydrate intake keeps rising. It is also a hell of a lot easier to avoid a coke than it is to do and extra 30 minutes of Aerobic dancing (for example).


Relatedly, and hopefully not too far off topic, it’s also a hell of a lot easier to avoid a hamburger than it is to take 37 showers.

Skip showers for beef!


But they replace him every year, and no one cares about the broken down hobos they throw out on to the street.


people are more sedentary these days but the real reason is too many calories in, most people are never going to do enough exercise to counteract 3000 calories plus per day.


I once overheard an employee in a supermarket explaining to a customer that “Marmalade” was low fat.


Not quite. For many it’s also the WRONG calories. Especially sugar.


coke, the new cigarette


PRO TIP: Available on Netflix.

Eye-opening and convincing.


British version? Follow-up (2015)? Free on the YoubberTuber!


High calorie/sugar soft drinks are another perfect example of companies that engage in privatizing their profits while socializing the costs. There should be extremely high taxes on soft drinks that are then invested to offset the health care costs that are caused by obesity. At some point the market will reach equilibrium with soft drink sales declining to match the cost of the damage they do.


Right? If alcohol and ciggies are subject to a “vice tax,” why not sugar? (And meat, while we’re at it.)