Code For Canada fellowships: get paid to hack better public services

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10 months seems to short for me; that’s barely long enough to grock the inofficial structures and “roped parties” that actually run the place.
It’s also easily short enough for the organisation to simply sit this out.

I am somewhat leery about this. On the one hand, government services can be easier to use, especially those that are more public facing. On the other…

Government should never be run like a business. Sometimes inefficiencies and redundancies exist for a reason. Further, they are not serving any individual customer or client. Any service they offer must a) be offered to all stakeholders and b) in the case of Canada, be fully available at roll-out.

One of the last “let’s make government more efficient” ideas led to thousands of civil servants either not being properly paid, or not paid at all. Now, I don’t know how many of you would keep showing up to work with no paycheque, but given that people rely on government services a lot more than they think, people should be glad they did.

Trust me, I come from a government family. They are as lazy as anybody else. If it’s simpler and works, great. But all too often, the “amazing new solution” doesn’t. Especially since you can’t “move fast and break things” the same way you can in private industry.

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I love this insane movie.

It’s classic 90’s.

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