Code Master by ThinkFun

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I wonder why this is a board game, instead of a web game? Is it so people who don’t have computers can learn to program them? No, wait…

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I was wondering the same. Especially since it’s single-player, makes it seem like it would be better suited (and cheaper to produce and purchase) as an app than a physical game.

Does anyone who has it have any insight into this?

I assumed it was competitive because:

I had a great time playing it with my 9 year old Nephew this past Christmas. As long as I was there to keep him on track…

I notice he doesn’t say the nephew had a great time.

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You feeeeel smarter, but are you actually smarter?

That looks interesting, but I think I’ll stick to RoboRally. (Admittedly, I already know how to program, but I think most program could use a canary cannery row addition.)

Edit: cannery, not canary! Quite a difference there.

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Actually, I think it does say that “he had a great time” with the game. He liked it so much that he now has a copy of his own.

And just to clarify, the game is for one player at a time but it didn’t stop us from working together. Even my Dad, who isn’t a gamer, a kid or a programmer had fun with it.

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I actually tried to contact the designer of the game because I had the same thought. I think that there would be value in both the physical game and a digital one.

In the end, I think the game is about teaching kids to think in new ways - and it seems to work.

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