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Or install Vim and store your stuff on Github, and save yourself $90 and the pain of a sucky editor.

Vim on an Android tablet doesn’t sound like my idea of a usable editor.


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Does anyone have any free alternatives here?
Just the other day i imagined wouldnt it be nice to have a nano crossed with tmux or similar to give a multi window command line editor capable of having a filelist on the side and an editor as the main window, all within command line. This would mean the editor would be on the production/testing machine and you would just need to ssh into the server to get to it, regardless of device.
I use the free version of komodo ide, capable of supporting multiprojects and multi windows, just what i need for my gazilion php/css/js files when working.

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Vim has netrw (a barebones directory/file browser) built in. You can open it in one window “pane”, and edit files in the other.

There’s also the (free) plug-in NERDTree, which is apparently more fully featured, though some say it doesn’t offer anything netrw doesn’t.

Why would you even want such a thing ?

Why would you want to write code on a tablet, unless it is literally the only device you own ?

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