Save 50% on the award-winning writing app Scrivener 2

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Saw “Scrivener” and stopped in to say: It’s an awesome application that is feature-rich in allowing the author to do her best possible work. I bought the app years ago and have used it ever since…and once you’re feelin’ froggy about writing and Scrivener has it all organized and spellchecked and such…then you can attempt NaNoWriMo, if you dare.

Is this the newest Scrivener? I hear there is a iPad/tab enabled version in the works? Someone get over to Charlie Stross’ blog and alert the mob. Half off aint bad BB. Now if you could pair this deal with a nifty USB power brick I’d be all set!

Is the household license cross platform? I.e, I have a bootcamp installation on my mac, and essentially need to write regardless of which OS I’m using.

Scrivener seems like Emacs for anti-geeks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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