Save Over 50% On Scrivener 2 For Mac or PC

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FYI, the URL in the story is malformed, and the actual URL appears in the clear at the end of the story. You might want to fix that…

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Probably written with Srinever :wink:

Another issue with the post: There IS no Scrivener 2 for PC. Only Scrivener 1.

Hopefully they’ll eventually get the PC version up to the level of the Mac, but for now it’s still missing quite a few features.

That led me to wonder if they’d released a Linux version, and they have! – albeit only in beta and a good while ago now. Sort-of v1, I guess (I’m not familiar with it).

It’s worth noting that Scrivener really is the best.

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Scrivener? Word? You kids. I write my novels in vi. Well, vim. Going from vi to vim was the only indulgence I ever allowed myself, because that’s how I was raised.


Need updated Windows version, Linux, and Chromeos.

Thank you for that information. I was going crazy looking for the drop-down that they refer to in the Mac description.

It’s kind of a pity that they haven’t updated it for Windows. I’ve heard good things about the Mac version, and I’ve been looking for a really good writing tool, but fortunately or not, I live in the Windows world.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m a Windows guy too, and even though behind the Mac version, on a PC it’s still a fantastic tool. Stable, and full of great features. If I didn’t run into the occasional guide or tutorial that mentions tantalizing options not in the Windows version I wouldn’t have a single complaint. I would definitely try it if you haven’t already–pretty generous trial period, too.

Bough it, been meaning to try it for a while. Thanks for the real, useful deal BoingBoing!

I use Scrivener on both Mac and Windows, and it’s just fine. I honestly haven’t noticed anything missing from the Windows version.

I already have it and love it. Book finished, next step - publisher.

Though there’s no version 2 for Windows, the Windows version does have all of the features that 2.0 had upon its initial release. (Mac is still ahead, though, because it’s up to 2.6 or something.)

Windows will be skipping version 2 and going straight to 3, when Mac’s 3.0 is released somewhere down the track.

See here:

We’re going to have a full UI overhaul for the next major version (3.0 - Scrivener for Windows will be skipping a version number to bring it up to date with the Mac; that’s the plan, anyway - there’s still a lot of work to do). We should be getting new icons for all of these.

Differences between the Mac and Windows versions: (As of July.)


p.s. I will never stop raving about Scrivener.


I believe what I bumped up against most was less compile options in the Windows versions–it’s tougher to format anything straight from Scrivener into a semi-finished e-book than it evidently is on the Mac. Compiling IS the most frustrating aspect, I hope 3.0 offers a lot more granularity in the options for dealing with things like prologues/epilogues that shouldn’t get chapter numbers without resorting to export them “as is”, for example.

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