Last chance to save over 50% on Scrivener 2 for Mac or PC

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“I would prefer not to.”


Ever tried writing a novel in Microsoft Word?

No, but I’ve written one in Open Office, and it was fine. You type words and they appear on the page.


I fell for this scam, got a download and an activation code that didn’t work, spent a couple of days emailing being shunted to 3rd parties, and gave up. Save your $20. If you want the program go directly to Scrivener, but good luck based on my experience.

This says something about the entire BBS. I’d be reluctant to buy anything. (I should add that PayPal was complicit in this, even though I had email confirming that I didn’t get what I paid for.)

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My day job uses Word, my writing life uses Scrivener. Word is garbage and as nearly a moral pretext for expressionistic reactionary terrorism as any stupid bullshit ever imposed on an entire planet of sentient beings.

Scrivener isn’t a layout program, but the fact that it’s possible to compose a large project, period, makes it less of a stupid pile of shit than Word.

Get Scrivener for those monkeys that haven’t finished Shakespeare yet…,Or buy it for Hemingway…,it’s necessary. Last chance.

It works for me. I purchased the Windows version and was given a registration/activation code that I had to use on the Scrivener (L&L) promotional activation website. Once that was completed L&L gave me the serial number and I was done.

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