Coder needed to make 8-bit Zardoz game a reality



Seems like it would be hard to get a coder interested given that they can’t (legally) distribute the game at all, and you never know how the rights-holders will react. Although for a game this simple, you don’t really need a coder - just Flash or Unity.

That hasn’t really stopped people, historically.


I think at this point Boorman would be “sure sure, just take the damn thing off my hands already please”

I have definitely considered the possible legal ramifications. I think it’s fair use, but we all know that hasn’t stopped people from suing in the past and it’s tough to defend. Hopefully the fact that it will be completely free to play and without advertisements is enough to make it not worth going after.

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It hasn’t stopped some people, but plenty more will pause at the idea of working on a game that might see legal action taken against you, or at least demands it be removed from the web. Rights-holders sometimes get completely insane in their over-reactions to such things.
Perhaps I’m just overly gun-shy after having been on the receiving end of some nasty legal threats for work that was entirely defensible as fair use (having run it past a lawyer).

I suspect Fox (nice, litigious Fox) own the rights, though…

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