Play it now: DOLLY

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Here’s the link to the actual game: .

Windows only! sigh.

Question: why are so many simple games (programmatically simple, not aesthetically or conceptually simple) programmed for one platform or another?

I know I’m biased because I’m a software developer who creates stuff for the web, but so many games like this one look like they would work perfectly well in HTML5, thus lowering the barrier for everyone to almost zero.

Or they could be written in something like Unity, or even Flash, as backwards as that is for non-game apps, as those work on the web and can trivially be cross-compiled for various desktop and mobile platforms.

As it is, I get to try out maybe 5% of the cool stuff @Leigh_Alexander posts, because so much of it is for Windows.

The simple answer is that programmers use the tools/languages they know. If that’s what they’ve worked with or that’s what they’ve been most successful using, then that’s what they use to make it.

I got a Trojan warning after downloading the installer, that makes me a bit wary of actually running it. Did anyone else get this?

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