Line Square Dot: simple and excellent collision game

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excellent? not really

I’d love to take a brief and discreet look while I’m at work. Couldn’t include an animated gif this time?

@pesco Seeing as your link was to the gh-pages branch of a GitHub repository, I took a guess and rearranged the url to be, which redirected me to, the game. I’m guessing that’s what you meant to link to?

Agree… seems like a first draft at something which would eventually just be a copy of any of the awesome Crayon Physics-style games. Not original, and “some bugs” is a bit of an understatement…

They linked to a site that could handle the traffic from Boing Boing’s hug of death. couldn’t.

…but the link was to a place that didn’t have the game, didn’t have any link to the game,* and was only useful to those of us who happen to know GitHub Pages naming conventions. If that was actually the intent, it didn’t seem very useful…

*Edit: I see the author added the link to the Readme four hours ago, so almost certainly as a direct response to @pesco linking to the repository instead of the game. When I posted my links above, there was no link in the Readme.

Concept: Simple, elegant, pleasing.
Implementation: Needs work.

agree, and i coded it

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