Play it now: Loss

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That’s… much more fun than I thought it would be… A timer would be cool, but maybe that would miss the point?

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Hold on tightly, let go lightly.

Call me an asshole, but any game that can be played well by setting a book on the controller is a poor excuse for a game.

I failed to find it engaging in a meaningful way. But i’m sure someone will say, “But it’s art!”.

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New High Score!!! :slight_smile:

SPOILER: if you stop in front of the cat, the cord tangles it and flies away: FULL WIN

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I’m not suggesting you should like it any less because I don’t. But when I see the word “game” I expect engagement. My expectations were not met by what was there.

Even minimalist games like cannonbalt or passage engage the user. This is more of a power point presentation with a gimmick.

Good for you… don’t play it…? Problem solved?

So, it’s like Desert Bus, but I get to carry a balloon? SOLD.

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