Coffee in San Francisco comes with uncomfortable eye contact


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i’d be in if i could get this much entertainment and get a coffee in the time it takes to watch this, haha – and hunky shirtless baristas? ok, i’m in.

Ugh. More ridiculous stereotyping of San Francisco. Go to Starbucks if you don’t/can’t/won’t appreciate a pour over.

Exactly the sort of stereotyping that you might expect from a Canadian based in Los Angeles. (Look up Steve Goldbloom on LinkedIn.)

It’s good to laugh at yourself–and god knows living in SF provides plenty of opportunities for that–but whenever I see these lazy stereotypes my first reaction is not laughter.

I mean, this could be Seattle, or Portland, or Austin–maybe even LA–or any other place where they serve decent coffee to young people with fashionable stubble beards. Right?

Ironically “then why don’t you uncultured dredge-sippers just go to Starbucks!” is the perfect embodiment of the San Francisco coffee snob stereotype.

I live in S.F., I enjoy a good cup of coffee, and I thought this was funny.


Oddly, Starbucks’ baristas will cheerfully offer to do a pour-over of anything that they don’t already have up. This was a send-up of poser baristas that throw pointless rituals in the way of customers feeding their caffeine addictions.

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For “San Francisco” insert “hipster coffeeshop in any major city”. But SF has a whole lot of hipster coffeeshops.

A new coffeeshop recently opened down the street from me (in Boston area). I stopped in and said “hi, could I get a coffee?” The guy stared at me, and said “Well… let’s talk about that. Describe your perfect cup. Start with the aroma, then the flavor, then the aftertaste. You and I can work together to create a great cup. It’s a process, from the beans, to the roast, to the choice of brewing apparatus (he gestured to a pour-over cone, an Aeropress, and a French press). If your first cup isn’t perfect, we’ll try again. It’s a coffee conversation.”

It’s a good thing I wasn’t busy, but it was a pretty terrific cup of coffee.


I’m still waiting for the “that’ll be fourteen dollars” punchline.


That sounds like a Phil’s coffee.

Oddly, Starbucks saw the trend and decided to hop on that band wagon.

I’m a coffee snob no doubt and my favorite spot in SF is Sightglass.

This video is just stupid. Like a Saturday Night Live sketch. Not funny.

Sounds a lot like artisan pencil sharpening.

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I don’t know what a Phil’s coffee is, but if involves holding a potato while your barista stares at you intently, it’s probably a lot like this place.

This video seems like something David Rees would do.

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