Coffee table looks like a giant floppy disk


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Hah! You can even slide the shield! WANT.


it’s a pity that they didn’t ship ith with a paperweight shaped like a giant magnet.


oooooh, imagine how many happy birthday banners you could save on one of those babies!


Should come with a USB-connected 1.44MB drive and a small speaker capable of adequately reproducing the glorious reading/writing noise:


I was so, so worried that it wouldn’t. Had to go to the site to see. Relief.


I like this.It’s satisfying.Whimsical without being too stupid. Geeky but not so geeky people don’t feel in on the joke. Nice shape. I’m not much one for novelty items, but maybe I put this in my living room as the center coffee table, and then have the aquarium table as a side table. (strokes beard) Yes, my plans are coming together nicely.


Do they make them to the same scale, but of a microSD so i can fit it in my apartment?


Well, it’s 12 times larger in each dimension, so it must hold 144 times as much data, or about 207 megabytes. That’s so huge you could even fit an installation of Windows 98 on one!


5.25" tables were discontinued because they sagged in the middle and because the gummy residue around the write protect notch made it hard to clean.


I think I would probably sit at that table obsessively flicking the cover open. Although I suspect the cover on the table doesn’t have a spring that makes it flick back on its own with a satisfying click so I’d probably get bored fairly quickly.


And it’s not just a “going for authenticity” but is practical. So wish I could afford.


Google tells me $930.00.

As cool as it is… Nah.


The guy will make more of these on demand? Didn’t he ever see “Don’t copy that Floppy” ?


Come on be a sport. Flip through a design magazine and you’ll see that’s dirt cheap for custom furniture. But maybe this Builder knows his nerdy customers are neither that flush or foolish.

In my home the coffee table went when the first kid started cruising.


I want to see the IKEAhackers version of this. DIY FTW!


Not bad though. I expected it to be $880k.


I was just thinking that a Lack coffee table would be a good place to start on this.


You must have owned an Amiga.


Meh. 3.5” discs were never really “floppies”.