Coldest temperature ever recorded makes Earth "almost like another planet"

Presumably the flash freezing causes the alveoli to burst, thus causing hemorrhaging. So yeah, you’re hemorrhaging.

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-11.7778 °Hilton

My neighbour was on a convoy carrying timber above deck from Murmansk. His ship didn’t do down.

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Edited to add: click on units to see how they are defined.

Ah, a Saarland scale unit. I see.

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Please nobody tell James Inhofe and his ilk, because we’ll get another ten years of “I HAVE A SNOWBALL IN CONGRESS SO GLOBAL WARMING ISN’T REAL!!!”.

Some of the sailors in this thread might enjoy this…

Gets lively after half a minute or so.


Freezing is gradual, ice crystals are pointy and capillaries are delicate. They get torn and leak.

I won’t object if they personally go there to get a snowball, without breathing equipment.


Would that be different for the higher partial pressure (~3-5%) of CO2 in exhaled breath? I’m guessing that the heat liberated precipitating the H2O out of one’s breath as it cooled would prevent the CO2 from precipitating out before it was sufficiently diffused into the atmosphere.

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