Man swept to sea in beach baptism




I thought human sacrifice was out of style these days…


Fire Capt. David Sadecki said Monday that it would be difficult for anyone to survive more than 30 minutes in the cold water.

How fucking cold is the water there? The chart here says 30-60 minutes to exhaustion in 40-50 F water. And that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dead.


It’s OK, he’s with God now.


I wouldn’t normally try to forestall witty comments here, but… can we not? He’s just a guy who happened to be religious, with a family who might one day be on the web looking at how people treated the news.


So, we’re gonna ban baptisms now, right?


Neptune does not condone lesser gods dabbling in His domain.


It would be a good start…


Whatever God wants… he keeps! Oh-hoh-hoh-ho…


I sorta agree that the jokes are in bad taste. On the other hand, the fact that it was posted on BB at all was effectively a call for snide comments… mostly directed at the preacher who chose a time and location where this was a potential hazard, rather than at the participants.

BoingBoing does lean cynical-to-sardonic. Compared to what some sites are going to do with this, we’re being rather well behaved. That isn’t a defense, just an observation.


Wow, if I were a superstitious person I would say god was trying to send them a message.


I’m divided. it’s certainly tragic, especially for his relatives. Otoh it so screams “offending the wrong god”. Also, the Christian God loves drowning people.

I do not know the local water conditions, but my gut feeling is that it’s akin to people honoring Sky Father buy jumping off a cliff.


I don’t know about that, I think a complete baptism would have required him to surface again.


Thank you for your insightful reply.




OK, now that I’ve called some of y’all out for being real jerks, I’ll contribute:

Maybe he was a sacrifice to the Drowned God?



Damn, I better lay off that cardamom coffee – I can read Arabic now…


Awaiting comment from Aeron Greyjoy.