Color-organized arrays of food and plants, photographed by Emily Blincoe


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I absolutely love these (and most things arranged by color)!

However, Xeni, this is the second time in as many days that you’ve used “OCD” to describe “meticulous” or “detail-oriented” and it’s frankly insulting and belittling to continue to propagate this meaning as shorthand. I’m gonna go ahead and guess you wouldn’t use the “R” word in a byline to mean “stupid” or “silly”. It’s a real, debilitating condition that people have that doesn’t have all that much to do with organizing things on right angles or in a color spectrum.


In my square world, peanuts would replace the coffee ‘beans’, or maybe just swap them.

There’s another word for that behavior. But when you do it and photograph the result, it is attractive. These are the works of art I would most like to have in my personal space.

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