Color gradient art installation made from thousands of objects, by Dan Tobin Smith


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Looks like a spray-painted waste dump.

Pretty. But… why?
…OTOH, why not?

Edit: Reminded me of a sales yard for glass cullet:


My wife and her mother like arranging books on shelves according to height.

Drives me batty, so I will re-arrange them by color.

Battiness, all around.


Sort them by ISBN!

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Joshua Callaghan “Lots of Future Shock”


My God, that much concentrated OCD in one room could reach critical mass and detonate!



This reminds me of Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey (not to be confused with 50 Shades of Grey). That world has been leached of all color, and they mine old dumps for more of it, sorting everything by color so that the pigments can be extracted. They use color swatches for medical purposes. People are ranked socially by the range of colors they can see, with the totally colorblind at the bottom. I hope he gets around to finishing the series sometime.


Andy Goldsworthy’s earth works are nice, too.


I’ve seen some of his stacks, but not that line. I presume it includes sun-faded copies. Awesome.

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Not until he finishes The Last Great Tortoise Race, please.

Dewey Decimal or Die!

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except i don’t think anything has been painted by the artist. they are as the were when he found them.

It must drive him nuts to see hues shift as the light changes through the day.

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Reminds me of Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg:

And whoever made the other rainbow-y thing

On the second thought and closer examination of the objects, you seem to be right. I got deceived by some incident-light reflections.

ADD OCD DIY? Organize and Shelve Books by Color


Oh hell no. Library of Congress catalog number. (Tried this when I was just out of high school, then realized I would have classified several differently. Now they’re all in heaps.)

Shoot. I responded to the wrong post. It was supposed to be a response to @Ratel.



Cool enough, I suppose, but they do this with clothes and glassware at every Goodwill store I’ve ever been to–and everything’s on a hanger or lined-up on a shelf.

What is this ‘sorting’ of books?