Paint names selected by neural network

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Hang on, that’s the 2024 Coachella lineup. Word is they have already sent the leaker back to 1324.


Forget paint names, I’m looking forward to seeing Ronching Blue in concert next week. I hear Sindis Poop is opening for them. I didn’t care much for Dorkwood’s last release, since Strummy Beige left the band to form Grass Bat they really haven’t been the same. Is it true that Clardic Fug is touring with Snowbonk next summer? Will Bank Butt be with time or are they sticking with Stanky Bean on drums?


Reminds me of the random funny paint names from the Dayvin Ross sketches the Sourcefed crew did a while back

*nsfw. There will be drawn dicks

When you let Beavis and Butthead program your neural network.


I’m repainted my kitchen in Stanky Bean. Master bath will be done in Turdly …


I think Sindi should see a doctor, that does not look healthy…


I saw Clardic Fug open for Yes in 1978.


Butt does it have the coverage of Curry Fart?

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I had a bad case of bunflow yesterday, after eating some suspicious salad.


I remember my first Snowbonk like it was only yesterday. What a ski vacation that was!


I’m gonna do the basement in Burble Simp.


RGB colour and paint colour are different things.

RGB can exhaustively list all the colours available via additive mixing of the narrow bandwidths of light emitted by red, green, and blue LEDs. Our eyes are reasonably good at filling in the blanks.

But there are far more bandwidths of visible light NOT emitted by red, green, and blue LEDs - so any colour made by full-spectrum white light bouncing off a mixture of pigments, cannot be accurately represented as RGB values, nor accurately reproduced on an LED screen.

A screen showing 255-255-255 does not look remotely the same as sunlight bouncing off a wall covered in titanium dioxide based paint.


And different pigments will respond differently under different lighting conditions. A friend of mine used to have a business photographing artwork for archival purposes. He was forever having to explain to artists that a photograph using only three pigments is never going to be exactly the same as a painting using 100s of pigments.

Edited to add…I would say that it’s no so much that our eyes are good at filling in the blanks, ,but that RGB LEDs can be used to create a reasonable approximation of how our eyes use three different receptors in our cones to perceive light that is a combination of various intensities throughout an infinitely divisible spectrum of visible light.


“Wait a minute, this Caring Tan isn’t even tan!”

“Yep, and we don’t care either.”


The phenomenon you speak of is called metamerism.

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“Pigment” might be the wrong word for the light coming from the LEDs too. Computer monitors use additive color, which is basically combining different colors of light. Paint uses subtractive color, which is how lights are absorbed as opposed to how it is emitted. I’m not sure if there is an additive equivalent of pigment, or if we just reuse the same word, but the physics is totally different.

Also, this means that the color of the paint changes depending on how the light hits it, which is largely but not always related to what the paint is made out of. The paint on the wall always looks so sickly when the 2pm light hits it. The physics behind additive and subtractive color is so different, that anyone who claims they can match paint to an RGB code should be taken with an entire silo of salt.


Now I just really want to see band names selected by a neural network. I just started a new one, and I kinda think coming up with a band name is a complete waste of time. One of those weird exercises where you know there’s a point to it (having a name that people will remember) but there is no way to determine whether the dumb name you wind up with (almost all band names are stupid) will actually be memorable. I definitely see the value in farming this pointless work to AI.

And neither additive or subtractive pigments are going to be an exact match for the frequency response of the color sensing receptors within our eyes.

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I can mostly only see blue and yellow, but the light emitted by the LEDs or absorbed by the paint has the same frequency whether or not I know what that is.