This color-matching widget takes the guesswork out of painting

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Hey! Now that guy’s car drawing matches his fridge or whatever! I take it back: this thing is useful!

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Is this authorized by National Colour?

Uh, I’ve got bad news for you. Ever seen brain surgery? It’s pretty standard to poke around and see what happens to the patient. They mark off the important areas then dig in. Oh, they know what they are doing and plan in advance. But there’s still a lot of highly skilled improvisation.



Oh, thank goodness! I’ll finally be able to paint match all my purses! Every room in my house will be dedicated to a single purse, which I’ll feature on a white pedestal. And every time I buy a new purse, I’ll be able to repaint each room perfectly thanks to the “free lifetime access” to the Nix app!

Seems like this needs a full on “How often has this happened to you!?” infomercial where people pull their hair out and drop things due to the stress-filled horror of their daily color matching fails.


I wonder how long until somebody hacks the software, or makes independent software to work with artist acrylics or oils?

Well, they could really expand their market if it could color match Crayola crayons. Kid’s could finally color match flesh tone and hair color. And if daddy’s skin looks green, well, Nix says that’s just the way Daddy’s skin is. :slight_smile:

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I’m color blind, and such things would actually happen when I was a kid. Color matching clothing? Hahahaha. I could actually use this thing. I’ve even thought of splurging on a ColorMunki, though this might be easier.


What I’ve done is go to the paint section of my local home improvement center, grab a few different paper ‘chip’ samples AND some close outliers (darker and lighter), then check out each one against whatever had to be painted.

Also flogged by the BB Store on March 6 and September 7. Or, at four times the price, the Pro version on April 21. The reviews on Amazon are instructive. And I’m still skeptical about its claim to do accurate color matching without a genuine full-spectrum light source.

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