You won't believe this man's skill at matching paint colors

Originally published at: Mastering Paint Color Matching in Automotive Shop


And all without a respirator!

As @docosc points out, VOCs are no joke.


Not just matching a colour, but predicting how it is going to apply and dry is amazing, I have watched printers and painters doing this too.


It’s actually pretty easy. All you need is a good eye and maybe ten, fifteen years experience.


When I was oil painting a lot, I got darn good at copying colors I was using, as well as matching paints other people were using.

I also used to mix paint up at walmart and know how easy it is to fuck up a bucket of paint by adding the wrong amount of dye.

It is extremely impressive this guy is just handing measuring dye and mixing. I would say that there is a cut and he could have mixed up the real batch properly, but all of those paint buckets seem to be self pour kind, not ones you measure out!


It’s even possible that he first painted the item he’s supposed to match, so it has to be a perfect result.

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