The Nix Pro Color Sensor matches colors with extreme precision

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Does it match to the paint company colors (Behr, Glidden, Valspar, Sherwin-Williams to name a few) or at least print a formula that works?


Mark: You know, I take pictures, photographs, but I never really thought in black and white before I saw our rushes. Do you know what I mean? You can see the shape of things.

Joe: Life is in colour, but black and white is more realistic.

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I assume that different brands have slightly different tones - even of the same color - so that would be good to know.

I need to repaint two different shades of white in my house. Would be good to know EXACTLY what they are without having to chip off a piece of the wall and bring it in to the paint store… And which brand might be the best match.

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O wait. For $250 i think i can chip a piece of wall off…


FYI the Nix Mini (not the Pro advertised here) is only $99 MSRP. BoingBoing should sell that, too.

This device (the Pro) is certainly priced like its audience works professionally with color. Well. It’s at the entry-level price for such devices anyway.

For people without the studio budget, it’d be nice if this device could serve double-duty as a monitor colorimeter and a spectrophotometer. Obviously you don’t need the calibrated light source for the colorimeter part. It doesn’t do me a lot of good to get the perfect color sample from a real-world object without being able to see it on my monitor (or the nearest color my monitor can produce).


Yeah but can it identify THESE colors?

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I had an initial shiver at the price, but then I realized that my wife has been trying to match paint colors in our house for about a year now. Maybe the price isn’t too much to put my wife’s mind at ease.

Well, if you put it that way, no price would be too high.

Hi Bloo. With the Nix Pro you can scan and match to several paint brands in the Nix Pro app library. We have each brand you’ve listed as well as Benjamin Moore, Dulux, CIL, Farrow and Ball, PPG, and more. You can even import your own library if you are working with custom colors.

If you have any more questions feel free to give us a call toll free (NA) 1.800.649.1387 or visit our site nixsensor[dot]com

Hi Enochrewt, you may want to check out or other device called the Nix Mini Color Sensor. It’s better suited for homeowners and would help you match to paints in your home.

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