The lost cyber-crayolas of the mid-1990s


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I’m sorry. I can’t NOT do this. Now accepting lyric submissions for “Web Surfin’ Blues”.


I think Vacuum Tube is a more appropriate name for a shade of yellow than Transistor. Too bad there isn’t a Lead Solder Silver–made with real lead!


“Floppy Yellow” was my stage name during my short career at the clubs.


this pleases me. and, [it exists][1] (assuming your browser automatically fills it in with .com)

@Eksrae lolz, reminds me of the trans stripper in Paul Beatty’s The White Boy Shuffle named “Smattering Of Applause.”


Pass me the laser lemon.

What about office cube beige?


I was hoping for www.purp.le but apparently you’d have to go through Dennis Hope’s Lunar Embassy Commission to register it - and even then I’m not sure how legit it would be.

No BSoD-blue?


Megahertz are maroon?! All my life though of them as cyan… what a shame.


Infrared frequencies are in the giga/terahertz range, so megahertz would be infra-infrared. Or maroon in this case.


What gets me is that they had all of one potentially real color in there, and they fucked it up. “Circuit board green” is not that dark.


Only available in 8 or 16 colour varieties? C’mon, it’s 2014; anything less than16.7 million colours is just unacceptable.


There are strong norms, presumably driven by economies of scale; but circuit boards can actually vary quite a bit(even aside from the novelty-color ones) based on exactly what the fiberglass is impregnated with and what conformal coating was used, if any.

I want a pack of 256 216 in web safe colours.


I can see ultra violet and infra red. Their colors must be off by a few Hz.

I’m disappointed there’s no #66FF33.

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That’s along the lines of what I wanted! It would take a really large box for the full 16.7 million crayons, but I could see the utility in a whole box full of hex value crayons from #000000 through #FFFFFF. It would certainly give me options when it came time to do web page mock ups!

The question that is important to me is did they taste any different?
I imagine that cyber-crayolas would fall somewhere between the taste of seagull and opossum…

Could be done. Use wax binder (are there transparent crayolas?) and melt it together with the alloy powder, the material used for solder pastes but before addition of the flux.

Edit: THOUGHT: What about mixing the wax binder to serve as sort of flux as well, and have the possibility to draw circuitboards on paper, “curable” in an oven or with a hot-air gun or with an ironing iron?

I have a vague memory that something like that has already been done.