Acid Dreams


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I’m going with lightpainting in a sewer tunnel. There’s too much symmetry for it, but that’s what I’m going with.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m thinking a copper plumbing pipe is involved.

An insect’s face seen through a reversed prime lens stacked in front of the default lens. Some filters and a lot of viginetting?

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Puffer fish photographed through a special camera or lens. Infrared perhaps combined with something else?

Xmas tree ornament illuminated w/ bright green light shot with high velocity round and photographed with extremely short exposure like this one . Half the image was used, and reflected on the vertical access to make a symmetric result.


With that amount of Photoshop work, it’s hard to say. My guess is a water balloon that’s been mirrored and made use of filter after filter after filter.

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Thread closed due to awesomeness.

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A hat? A brooch? Or a pterodactyl?


You, sir, are brimming with great references today and they are appreciated.

I, however, picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.


A google image search on it brings up a lot of delightful art in those eerie shades of green on black.Google Image Search - some NSFW after the first page

Cosmic vagina


One sunny day I spied an elderly gent with a bundle of presumably old bagets tossing 3-4 inch chunks of the bread onto a church lawn. I remarked as I passed by, “Are those for the pterodactyls ?”. He didn’t seem to catch the joke.

Pterodactyls are Vermin. DO NOT FEED.

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It’s Hiesenberg, bitch.

Ok, I turned this over to my husband, and after long consideration this is his comment.
Its a photo looking down on a glass vase that is being held in hand. Vase is lit from below and behind. You can see into the vase because of a real mirror. The arms are resting on the real mirror. Then it was shopped to mirror left to right. The image is reflected in two planes. The big black spot is a shadow, but not sure what is casting it. It should be whatever is supporting the vase from below. Husband suggests a very colorful vase such as Tiffany. Think contour map. That or my husband needs to back off on his blood pressure meds as he is losing pressure to his brain…

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Hi! Tau Zero, here. This is a photo of a little flanged gourd on a black background, half-mirrored, then processed (and processed) to give it a glow. It just kind of kept…changing.

Thank you all very much!

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