Colorful M1 iMacs announced

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Interesting; seems like they’re turning toward the brutalist Lenovo styling. I’d like it (if it wasn’t an Apple OS).


The new iMac is available in late May from $1299.

Mother’s Day (US) - Sun, May 9th 2021 = +19 days

…damn; promise-ary gift cards are so lame.


Should have just released a bondi blue one this year and the rainbow next year.


What is it with Apple and replicating the 2001 data pad?

“It must be thin! It may not work that well, but it must be thin!”

I’ll hold the line for the hippie-themed one next year.


A redesigned Apple TV remote?

The current iterations suck.

Looks and sees that they’ve finally added a mute button. Yay. The form stays the same. Sad.

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Now that is some backwards evolution.

The Apple Airport/Time Capsule, and the Mac Mini have gone to great lengths get rid of the power brick, and it is now back? WTF Apple?


Oh, thank god! I didn’t notice on first glance.

At least they made the touch surface circular and the contrasting black/aluminum is a million times better than our ATV4 all-black PITA. It actually reminds me of the first few generations of iPod. It looks like that outer directional ring is raised, so it should eliminate a lot of usability issues.

In more ways than one. That Airtag looks remarkably familiar.



Colours… meh. I’m saving up my pennies for when they release an invisible computer. Would pay good money to not see that.


So essentially a mac mini with a very expensive display?

What happened to the 12 core M1X/M2?

By the way, 16 GB might be a very useful upgrade-- at least until Apple figures out how to instruct Safari not to cache every single video.

That’s OK. I’ll like it because it is an Apple OS. Nature is balance :slight_smile:


I love my Apple TV, it’s the hub for everything in my livingroom as I have that going into my integrated amp via HDMI, then the amp out to my TV. All my music (other than vinyl that has no digital version) has been or has always been digital on my Mac so I can play that. Then of course, all the streaming services are done through it as we no longer have DirecTV. I do have YouTubeTV through there as well.
But yes, the remote is frigging awful. I literally bought a 30 dollar Roku for our TV for when my in-laws are staying over or the dog sitter is here because they can’t use the Apple remote.

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With their version of the ARM architecture, they finally have a chip that doesn’t throttle under load when stuffed into a tiny case.

this is what i think of when see m1:


That doesn’t really answer the question. It’s not “why now,” but rather “why always?” Apple has been trying for years to make things thin, often to the determine of usability. Skinny laptop nice, skinny butterfly keyboard terrible. Skinny phone with lousy battery and hard to hold onto, not only terrible, but Stupid. Skinny desktop with power brick on cable that can and will break and cost hundreds of dollars to replace, borderline criminal.


Thin = fragile and expensive. Apple seems to have only doubled down on its industrial design anti-practices since Jony Ive left. I guess they at least learned their lesson about the butterfly keyboard?


Is anyone else…puzzled…by the logic of striving for 1.15cm thickness at the expense of the iMac Jay Leno chin; along with an external power brick(which mysteriously houses the ethernet jack; because reasons?) zero non-C USB; only two ports period on the lower end model, only 4 on the more expensive one, no front or side-facing USB for ready access(nobody uses flash drives or USB-charged devices, am I right?); plus the VESA-mount option is a totally separate lineup; because SKU proliferation is neato.

I don’t doubt that a lot of impressive engineering went into this; I’m just not so sure about how it was allocated.


I’m not sure if it’s more weird or less weird because the Surface line is, pretty overtly, a somewhat jealous love letter to Apple; but the iPad and Surface Pro lines keep going back and forth with one another on whether to have hard, squared-off, edges or curved ones.

I could not show you that right now.

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