Colorspike: portable programmable LED light for filmmakers

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In before “I can buy a microcontroller and an LED strip for $50 on amazon and fantasize about making movies while I instead spend all that time slapping together a marginally useful duct-taped equivalent that resembles a large pipe bomb”

This is for people who don’t want to do that.



Light Snoot: “Colorspike is steal’n my jerb!”


Then hire somebody else to do it for you. Still cheaper than 300$.

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A Philip’s light strip will run you apprx $80 but, like you said it takes a bit of DIY to get it right.


Yeah, this looks nice - but the MagicShifter is much, much nicer:

Fully programmable (Open Source), does MIDI, has an accelerometer, may built-in programs, and … very portable.


Assuming that its quality and fit-and-finish are actually as promised(which I have no specific reason to doubt; but also no confirmation of).

Cheap LEDs and lousy drive circuits can be pretty dire indeed(severely dodgy color rendering, uneven brightness, PWM flicker, etc.); but only some expensive devices refrain from simply putting cheap LEDs and lousy drive circuits in more attractive packages.

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Seems pretty useful, versatile and cheap ($300 is nothing in the world of lighting). Would be good to have for scrappy films and music video shoots. I wonder what the throw is though– if you can only light one person on close-up, there’s not much point.

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Seems like a mighty large enclosure for just a few LEDs. Could easily be a roll-up strip with tiny BT controller and an app on the iPad.

Hey! Creator here. These aren’t your typical ws2812 leds, they are half-watt RGB LEDs with separate drivers. The enclosure is entirely neccessary for heat-sinking purposes. Smart LEDs simply don’t have the juice to do any real lighting like this unless you use hundreds and hundreds, and their color consistency is terrible.


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