Illuminate your crafting projects with this mobile light box, on sale for $60

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Do I have to pay a licensing fee to turn it on?


Nope. The first 15 minutes are free.

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jumpin’ jesus!
this is the most ridiculously expensive light board i’ve ever seen. $17 will get you a nice thin one on amazon.

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Both this Cricut, and the $17 ones at amazon are A4 sized. I have an A2 lightpad, (thought there is a opaque bezel) and if I could find a larger one for a reasonable price, well… .

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If you want something that is actually bright and with a high CRI, you can use one of these battery and AC operated LED video light panels. The back is flat, so you can lie it down, but it has a bezel and the diffuser is slightly textured, so it’s not good for using for tracing. Lots of photographers use this light as a backlight for copying negatives and slides with a camera using a macro lens. And you can use them for product photography and zoom calls.

I recently used one of mine to help me mount photos in mattes, because it was bright enough that I could see the outline of the photo through both the photo paper and the white single matte from the back, making it quick to center the photo with out having to do calculations and draw out lines on the back (a point source might have worked better, but this light was easy to lay on the table). Around 20 Watts of bi-color LED light means it’s only 10W of warm, 10 W of daylight or 20W of mixed light. The price comes down to $50 periodically.

(Bright enough for zoom calls, but because they can be close to you, but at 10W per color, I wouldn’t use them as interview lights on stands (which is also hard to do because they don’t have 5/8" light stand sockets, they have a cold shoe mount for camera mounting and a 1/4 tripod head thread).)

A2 is a different beast… A4 will do for most people in most situations but if you’re wanting to spend the money of the cricut shilled here at boingboing you’d be much better off with an A2, at the very least your money would be well spent.

when I need larger I just go to the 4’x4’ light table at my office.

i’m accustomed to BB recommending some crap with the occasional handy tool but I don’t recall them suggesting a complete and utter rip-off like this. it’s bordering on shameful.

What is this thing? Maybe it’s not available in the US, because I can’t find it on And yes, Cricut brand has ridiculously high prices for everything.

It’s out of stock, but still listed on cricut.

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