Super bright Mini Cree flashlight for $3.35 w/ free shipping

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Define Super bright.

Q: As in how many lumens does it put out?

A: Output bright can come to 300 lumens (MAX) [from Amazon]

Conclusion: That’s not very much…

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What is it about flashlights these days? For the last couple of weeks my junk folder has bulged with come-ons for “military flashlights” that are the only way to “protect your family.”

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But if it’s really dark, that can be superbright enough.


Meh. First off any flashlight that has variable brightness compared to input power isn’t running a regulated or decent power control circuit. Second I doubt this thing holds up at all. I know, but you can totally buy like 10 of these for the price of a good flashlight…which is the entire problem with our society and economy.

No thanks, I’ll spend the money on a Coast, Surefire, or even a Maglite. You know something I’m not going to have to replace in a couple of years.


I wonder if it gets that 300 lumens only with a LI-ion cell and maximally zoomed to a tiny spot. Hardly useful. Also, there’s no way that little light can support a 7W emitter. An alkaline AA cell certainly can’t support the power for it.

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I’ve bought three at various times. They don’t last. I don’t mean the batteries; the construction looks plenty sturdy, but the internal wiring seems quite prone to developing faults, and I’m not particularly rough on my flashlights. Mostly they just sit in the glove compartment, and they still manage to develop intermittent power glitches.


people make out they need 'em every working/waking day
until they really need them…

the wind-up

I thought this was going to be a BoingBoing Store ad for those same spamlights

I have one of these, which seem identical: Well-made, and very bright (machined aluminum; O-ring seals, etc.). Better made than an old Maglite I had.

Screw these “Cree” knock-offs. They can’t even get the spelling right.

I’m holding out for the genuine article.


Do COPS USE THESE? Is is bright enough to BLIND A BEAR?

Under $5 sounds pretty good for a real Cree branded LED, but I still prefer my ancient, noisy, batteryless, no-voltage-regulation incandescent Russian-surplus dynamo torch.


For any Canadians who are interested:

I don’t want it, but someone else here might.

I wish BoingBoing would highlight really great products made by companies treating their employees fairly.

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Do it!

Hey Mark, Did ya not see this deal?
Light, 2 Battery’s and a wall charger for $2

See, that makes me trust the Ultrafire flashlights a bit more - if someone is making knockoff “Uitraflre” batteries, there’s probably some ‘there’ there.


I’m feeling reassured that I’m not the only one who immediately went there when they read the title.

Cheers for that.

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I have been playing enough Overwatch that I read it as “Super bright McCree flashbang”

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I’m not trying to knock your light, but I question well made of durable parts.

We use this at work:

They last maybe 3 months before the button gets wonky or something else starts acting up and it’ll only light intermittently. The previous light we used by a different off brand vendor did the same thing. My original Mag-lite LED has worked in the same environment for well over a year and it’s completely fine (the finish not so much). Perhaps Gitex spent the extra nickel for a better tail cap button?