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even though it uses those pain-in-the-ass CR123A batteries, they recharge over USB.

I thought CR123As were non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

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I’m not quite clear as to why you would particularly need 800 lumens. For four bucks you can get 300 lumens, which is more than enough to severely annoy whoever accidentally gets the beam in the eyes.

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This is a ‘dual-fuel’, aka ‘hybrid power’ flashlight. (The “H” in “MH2C” stands for “Hybrid”)

It can use a single 18650 Li-Ion cell, which can be recharged via USB, OR it can take two CR123A lithium disposables. Your choice.


I was specifically told by the guy at the local battery store that re-charging CR123A batteries was a very bad idea. Then again, he might just want to sell me more batteries.

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Yeah, I dunno why I’d want an 800 lumen spot, either - but it also offers 300, 130, and 50 lumen settings, so you can use just whatever you need and extend the battery life.

Looks like a pretty well-built bit of kit, really.

For less than $20 you can get a 5 mode 900 lumen Ultrafire XML-T6, zoomable, runs on either 18650 cells or non-pain in the ass AAA’s in a little adapter.

If I need a bigger light cannon, I have an LED converted four D cell Mag-Lite that runs about forever.

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Thanks! I’ve updated the post.

Between $17.63 for a 900 lumen light, the fact that the diode isn’t even set in a resin housing but exposed, and the fact that they couldn’t bother to get the English spelling and grammar correct in the ad copy, I’m pretty sure this is 3rd shift under the table merch produced using factory QC reject LEDs and batteries by people who are probably being paid half of what they would normally get for assembling legit merch specifically destined for export.

Pretty sure it’s garbage. I buy an abnormal amount of flashlights (2 dozen so far this year), and I’ve never gotten one from a place that looks like this that’s worth even the shipping costs.

This came across my deals RSS list earlier today:

Nitecore MH10 XM-L2 U2 Flashlight 1000 Lumens (1x 18650 or 2x CR123A Batteries)

Includes rechargable battery, cable, some other extras, and outputs 1000 lumens, $45.

I have that same flashlight and I got it from Aliexpress. Even in “low power” mode, it’s still too bright for trying to sneak into the woods before sunrise during hunting season. The only thing that annoys me is the blinking mode, but, it actually works well for signalling someone…I just wish you didn’t have to cycle through the mode.

Pretty much this.

We use Streamlight Jrs. at work (they are company provided) and they are decent, but they don’t make it 3 months of on the job abuse. Where as my Coast HP6 I bought myself has been working great for over a year and a half…

I’m sure those cheap Chinese flashlight will work, but for how long?

(Not to mention I seriously question a lot of lights above 500 lumen. That kind of light requires a decent heatsink and design. I’d imagine my Coast Polysteel 600 would be brighter after 15 minutes of run time than many of these cheap 800+ lumen lights.)

I have one and it’s not garbage. It is well built and pretty sturdy. Use Google: Ultrafire is well regarded on the enthusiast sites. See here:

The model I have is the W-878

You can also get the Nitecore from the same place if you want. Not sure how you see the emitter housing from any of those pics. I can take mine apart and see otherwise.

These are cheap because they’re Chinese and so is the web site. I doubt it is exactly 900 lumens (may be because I’m using the AAA adapter) but it is plenty bright and has five brightness levels. Buy what you want but don’t judge the quality of something you haven’t held in your hands.

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