Tiny bright flashlight

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Product description says “waterproof” but I highly doubt it. Also, how long do the batteries last?

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What kind of batteries does it take? I guess small button cells.
Using non-rechargables is criminally wasteful in this day & age (except maybe for a fire alarm, or something else which uses very little current and needs to last a long time).

there are some chargers for li-ion cells, but none of the ones I’ve tried actually work well.

So I have a rule that I only buy electronics which is either rechargeable, or takes standard aa/aaa penlight batteries.


I used to have a briny tight flashlight back in the day

Looks like a knockoff more expensive version of the Streamlite Nano.
It claims to be waterproof, it does seal with a rubber O-ring.

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I have a Fenix UC02 (unfortunately discontinued) on my keychain. It’s almost exactly the size of the one posted.

UC02 USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight - Discontinued - Fenix Lighting

It’s powered by a 10180 Li-ion battery and has a micro USB port for recharging, but the battery is removable so you could carry a spare. Light output is 10 lumens (low) and 130 lumens (high). The high beam is amazing for such a tiny light. IPX-8 (2 metre) water resistance.

Suggested list was $24.95.

I may be wrong but I remember the boing boing store offering similar little “bullet” lights years ago-- I bought them for Xmas gifts and they kinda sucked-- fell off the keychain too easy, turned on or came open in your pocket so the batteries popped out.

I hope these are better.

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At least the switch should be hard to accidentally engage. I gave up on mini flashlights when they all died in pockets and packs.

I like the Fenix LD02, 100 lumens powered by a single AAA battery which you can find anywhere. It’s about 1/3 longer than a AA battery and about the same diameter.

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