Buy these tiny flashlights in bulk

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At a glance I thought that headline said “tiny fleshlights in bulk”.

ETA: Perfect for incel birthday party gift bags.


I had one of these flashlights for about 10 years, it did get dimmer towards the end, but ultimately it lasted longer than any actual full size flashlight I’ve owned in the last 10 years, barring one toy lantern that has lit my bathroom repeatedly during power outages.


I put them on the zipper pulls of winter coats since I’m inveriably coming and going during darker hours.


Little flashlights with lithium cells are great for tucking away in backpacks, glove compartments, drawers, etc. Lithium cells have a shelf life ~20 years.

One of those little keychain lights will let you navigate a pitch-black trail, from personal experience.


Great track. That whole soundtrack is fantastic.

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Please don’t buy this crap.
We have enough plastic/electronic waste without buying this kind of single-use crap lights.

If you need a flashlight buy one which takes rechargeable batteries en will last more than 1 year before you have to throw it away.

Until there are good chargers on the market for li-ion button cells I refuse to buy anything using those things unless I really can’t avoid id.


Seconding this. I love cheap plastic crap and I need to not buy it. We ALL need to stop buying disposable crap.


Those are cheap Chinese knockoffs of the original Photon Micro-Light. The Photons are made in America with high-quality parts and materials. The knockoffs are made as cheaply as possible, and will not last. Don’t waste your money. Get a real one.

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I used to work for the guy who invented the originals of these. He has some letters on the wall of his office from people whose lives were saved by them.
One was from Sergei Krikalev, the Soviet Cosmonaut who was the last man off the Mir space station. While the whole place was coming apart around him, sometimes the station would lose power, and the guy had to frantically work to restore life support with no light at all but one of the Photons held in his teeth.
Another was from a guy in Alaska who rode his snowmobile onto the sea ice, which broke and started drifting. He was a mile out to sea and someone was able to spot the red light blinking from the Photon on his keychain.


Thirding this. Mark’s timing was perfect coming just after millions marched for action on climate change. I can’t help but think he’s subversive and his Amazon postings are a call to end consumer culture. A long, drawn-out, subtle and provocative art piece against __________*

  • You articulate and hirsute** mutants can fill in the blanks for me.
    ** Hirsute means good with vocabulary, right? I don’t care. I like the word and wanted to use it :slight_smile:

Edit: added smiley. Sorry, my glib sense of humour doesn’t translate well. The transition to silly undermines the serious part of the comment. I’ve banned myself from commenting unless I have something useful to add, and the silly part isn’t useful. My apologies again. I blame lack of second coffee.

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Though no doubt many of us are hirsute, our body hair probably has little to do with our mental acuity.

Maybe you’re looking for erudite?


Hence tiny fleshlights in bulk.

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Yes, actually, that’s perfect.

I got a bunch of these the other day: Kept two and gave the rest to friends and family. They’re great. Sturdy, bright and take a single AAA battery. It’s a proper flashlight but small and light enough to always keep one on me. I’m still using the one I got last year and the only thing wrong with it are scratch marks from keys. It’s aluminum and I use rechargeable batteries. So definitely more eco friendly.

The original version from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex also rocks…

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No trouble with translation. I liked the serious part and the silly part!

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lights like that run on watch batteries, that’s why they are circular and flat

possibly on the other side there are tiny screws to unscrew and replace the battery, though often the battery retails for more than a new flashlight

Yes, following Mark’s link it does say that the batteries on these lights are replaceable, and one of the photos shows four tiny screws (four!) on the back.

I have extra watch batteries (because a pack of five was barely more money than buying just one, at the time) and I had hoped that the lights might happen to take the same size battery as my watch, but unfortunately no in my case.

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sorry, maybe not “watch batteries,” my micro-lights have thicker batteries that are the same diameter

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