10 pack of mini LED flashlights for $3 (free shipping)

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The thing I like most about my cell phone’s flashlight app, is that the light runs off of a rechargeable battery. These cheap-ass Led flashlights sometimes let you change the battery, but I’ve never found a rechargeable option for anything this small.

And who needs ten of them at a time? If you want to fling throwies, go make some throwies! Yeesh!

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I have one of this exact design, if not the same manufacture. I got it about a decade ago for about $15. Original battery is still kicking.

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Use a Li-ion battery for a microdrone (possibly even a worn one that doesn’t give enough current for a quad anymore but still has enough joules inside for a LED for some time). Use a TP4056 chip for charging, some cheap ebay modules come even with a battery protection chip (two or three chips on the board instead of just one and the board is a little longer, choose the type with microUSB connector instead of miniUSB to allow using of cellphone charger, and get a few as some may not work as-delivered; I encountered two dead from a batch of five, in both cases it was a faulty connector) or you can salvage such protection circuit from a dead cellphone battery.

For bonus points, use a red LED together with the white one. That way you have an option to not ruin your scotopic vision.

Whoever needs them at ten possible places, and doesn’t want to carry one.

Also, there are the glow-in-the-dark paints and stickers. Put them on the most important switches and doors and it’s a great help. Painting edges of stairs could also be useful. Use your peripheral vision to see the markers when they glow only weakly, as it is more sensitive. Tested, found useful.

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Every seller at Amazon advertised free shipping, but s/h was tacked on at check-out, sometimes to over $20! Had to get a customer service rep to insure there would be free shipping.

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Are you sure it wasn’t

Free Shipping

for orders over $35

…? That’s pretty standard with Amazon non-Prime.

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Is it not $25 anymore?

They raised it maybe a year or two ago? when they rolled out a new push for Prime. Any seller that opts for the Fulfilled By Amazon option is automatically eligible.

I grossly exaggerated the fine-printiness, they’re totally up-front about it.


I guess I haven’t noticed because we use Prime and it all ships free.

(Ok well not really free but you know…)

If it was it certainly wasn’t indicated anywhere.

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