Every emergency kit needs a high-quality flashlight


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…or get the same thing for $9.95/2-pack from Amazon, with Prime shipping, even.

HyperLight X5 Tactical (2-Pack)

(Not recommending, just noting.)


Look useless and kind of dangerous ?


I found out years ago compact does not always serve the purpose
it would be better to have it on a trolley that carries tesla battery storage facility
a bit over the top but guys have all the luck


Dangerous? Maybe; they are hella bright. But quite useful. For instance, as per the preceding discussion:

The problem with using my iPhone as a flashlight is that I can’t fit it in my mouth when I need both hands free.

'Course, sticking a flashlight in your mouth when you don’t know where it’s been can bring different dangers.


You can always tell the techies: they’re the ones with tooth marks on their MiniMags.


There’s an… you know.




They don’t say how bright the “lower bright” setting is. I suspect that if I want to read a piece of paper in front of me, without blinding myself or drawing adverse attention, my tiny keychain lithium button flashlight is the one for that job.


sounds like compelling research


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