These extra-bright flashlights work great in an emergency kit


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In the “UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight” spam that arrives daily in my email inbox, this item is appreciably cheaper.


Call that a flashlight?
This is a flashlight:



Tactical and aircraft grade?!?!?? Can I get a lifetime subscription?


In their defense, they don’t bill it as a “real life light Saber” like I see in the super-clickbait ads.

Anyone know a place where I can buy something similar from a company that doesn’t behave like an asshole?


The world of flashlights is a bit strange it seems…



Also, remember: a tactical retreat is not a hotel where you can spend a quiet weekend away from things.


I call BS. Specs don’t estimate battery life (sorry, “long battery life” doesn’t count). Something billed as “tactical military” (a BS marketing phrase to begin with) should really be waterproof, or at least water resistant to several meters, yet that’s not indicated anywhere, leading me to believe these are just run-of-the-mill flashlights cranked out by China and sold to gullible Americans. BoingBoing, you should be ashamed.


That really should be one of maxims of maximally effective mercenaries


:+1: Roger that!

Have a martini: :cocktail:


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