8 hardcore flashlights you'll want on your next outdoor trip

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uses tacticool 1,000 lumen flashlight to look at map

blinds self for 10 minutes and alerts everyone within 2 miles of my position


Further evidence that ‘tactical’ is a synonym of ‘black’.

  • Power source: 300mAh/3.6V Ni-Mh internal battery.

If it’s the same as my Eton one, it only USB charges during cranking, and it takes a lot of cranking. It’s a good device, but the power setup could use some modernization.

Flashlights do not need to be “tactical”.
They need to be cheap, and these monsters shown here are not cheap. Why would I spend $20 or more on a fancy flashlight when some retailers are giving them away. (Harbor Freight routinely has a “free with any purchase” in the monthly mailer that will get you a FREE decent LED flashlight )

It’s regular sale price is $3.99. It can operate for 48 hours continuous, has a magnet and a hook making it essential for any mechanics toolbox. Yes, I know it’s made of pure Chinesium, but I’m not going to be in a firefight any time soon. Unless the couch eats the remote again.
Then, I will be ready…


I keep wondering what a strategic flashlight would look like. Or do. Are my old Maglites tactical or strategic?


Maglites are the bomb, but certainly not cheap. I have one in my EDC kit and love it to pieces (over the years, that would be literally true).


You can now buy a replacement LED lamp assembly for most Maglights that’s a drop-in install and does two things for you; lasts forever (no burned out bulbs ever again) and gives you a huge run time increase.



I wonder what a tactical fleshlight would look like.


Some of my best friends are tactical.

Yeah, I guess it works.

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I was questioning the use of “hardcore flashlights” in the first place.

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Ouch! Roger That!


8 hardcore flashlights

I doubt that security would let any of them into Dominator or Masters of Hardcore. They already have light and laser shows anyway.

(Strobe light warning)

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What if I need 9 flashlights?!?


I tied the remote to the table leg with string. There is the occasional slapstick fall moment, obviously, what with string and feet and all, but it is a very small price to pay, I tell you what.

There are great cheap, nice, durable flashlights on ebay. Much cheaper. They’re a tactically superior buy, you can get plenty of them for not much money. Part of my general flashlight strategy.

I highly recommend this tactical sesame paste for intense breakfast situations:


Your post inspired me to google “flashlight strategy guide,” which led me to What Is a Tactical Flashlight & How Do I Use It? [contains prepping/firearm enthusiasm]:

. . . . This means that if you ever find yourself walking home on your own at night and you feel like you might be in danger, or just in an area that feels unsafe to you, you can walk with the flashlight in your hands and when your path gets too dark, you can light it up quite easily . . . . Not only does this help with safety against potential attackers or thieves, but it also helps in ensuring that you are able to walk on a path and know that each step you take won’t be an ankle roll or an invisible hole that you would have seen had it been lit up.