Beloved ThorFire PF01 Tactical LED Flashlight $10 with promo code

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I’m still waiting for a strategic LED flashlight.


You have to buy those in bulk.

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And it’s “Tactical” because…? Oh, yeah, because it’s the bullshit term de jure.

For $10 this seems like a really good deal for what looks like a solid small LED flashlight that is very well reviewed. I ordered one.

Here ya go:

They sell battery packs for these things too, so technically they’re a “flashlight”

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You can hook these to the car battery and run it off. So uhm…yea…“flashlight”.

LED light panels use a lot less energy than the old lights. They can often run off of camera batteries, or wire them up for camera batteries pretty easy. Like these:


AFAIK, tactical has come to mean it has a rear-mount button switch (as opposed to side mount or twist).

I guess that makes my ball-point pen “tactical”.

Even non-tactical pens can be troublesome

That one really was mightier that the sword.

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