I love this super-bright minimalist LED lantern, and will use it to survive the apocalypse

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Do you want to get sniped? Because this is how you get sniped.


The brighter the light, the easier it will be for them to find you.

Invest in night vision goggles.


“You can hang the Lantern on a tree or tent while camping, hold it on your way through the darkness of your house during a storm, or on your way to explore the wild.”

Ugh. This is my biggest pet-peeve grammatical error. By the time the conjunction rolls around, the writer has already forgotten what list it’s joining, and winds up saying, “You can on your way to explore the wild.”

You can’t get far in life without knowing how to use the word “or”.

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They suggest it lasts up to ten years, I’m suggesting I’ll be surprised it works in two. They certainly didn’t spend all their money on good wiring or soldering connections.



Well, the author seems to be saying that you can a) hang the Lantern on a tree, or b) tent while camping, but somehow these two activities are mutually exclusive.

Forget the lantern. Where do I get some of that beer?



Why do people love cheap LED gear? We have LED flashlights at work (supplied by our company) and I bet I go through one every 3 months. Sure they probably cost the company $10 or so, but come on, buy a quality product and it’d last 2 years or more. I mean if you are looking for a cheap lantern for your kids to camp out with cool, but if I seriously wanted a lantern for an emergency I’d at least set up to this Coast unit:


My god, I sure do see a lot of LED flashlights and lanterns these days! If all of this crap is truly solving a problem, then we’re all fumbling around in the dark far more often than I’d imagined!

For camping, what I’d really like to see are more options in red. I never find myself wanting for light while camping, but I do get tired of having my night vision blasted away by some idiot with an overly powerful white light. I mean, a big reason to go camping is to see the night sky without so much light pollution, am I right? If the flashlight I’m using doesn’t have a red option, I’m just part of the problem! With LED toys as cheap as they are, there’s no reason not to carry a red one with you, and to use it. It’s the same reason you dim your bright headlights for oncoming cars.


Currently going through another Archer binge. Man, that show is great.

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Just don’t ever twist the lamp housing, which rotates pretty freely, as the wires inside are incredibly short, thin, and a minimum of solder was used. Also it’s all too thin to resoldrer.

Got this exact lantern last fall, and for like 10 minutes I thought I had a pretty sweet lantern.

Just don’t rotate the turnable parts.

oh hello @bcsizemo and @SteampunkBanana


wrong search term? I like this simple headlight mod, but “astronomy lights” is an existing market with many off-the-shelf options.

What drives me insane about the cheap LED flashlights is that they fail when they are sitting on a shelf not being used. Just existing causes them to fail. I bought some that I stored all over the place when we had periodic blackouts and when we moved out six months later none of the ones I had stored in closets worked.

I learned my lesson and now my house is stocked with flashlights that take a AAA and work no matter what, waterproof, droppable, whatever. Yes, I am spending fifteen dollars on a keychain-sized flashlight, but given how much I’ve put other similar models through from the same manufacturer over the past six years, I have a lot of confidence that they’ll work when I need them to. Because that’s kind of when you need them.


I’ve been very happy with http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018S4XIS - it’s gone camping with us three times plus helped us during blackouts and is still on the first set of batteries. The only things I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a real power switch - i.e. the power button blinks when it’s off so there is a bit of vampire current draw, and the battery compartment is a bit of a pain to close due to needing to align things correctly. The latter wouldn’t be such a huge deal if it weren’t for the former - I take out one of the batteries when I put it away for a long period to avoid the slow discharge.

Yeah, but, and I agree with him, he’s not the issue. The problem is all the other mooks out there who get the brightest light they can instead of one with a red lens that would work just as well and not put out as much light. If every light came with a red option we might see more responsible use the way everyone uses their low beams when they drive.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been out taking photos at night and anyone with a flashlight invariably ends up pointing it at my head.


How rude. Do you yell at them to go back to making out?


Why yelling?


Because it’s hard (phrasing) to take pictures of people while they are making out in the dark if they stop to shine a bright ass light in your camera lens.

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Absolutely not. The one time a couple rolled up into my four hour long star trail exposure while I was already sitting there was really uncomfortable. Especially after I overheard what I can only describe as “■■■■■ kissing noises.”

I now carry a granola bar specifically so I can open its loud crinkly wrapper to let people know I’m there.