Superbright little LED flashlights

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A few months ago, I couldn’t decide which ones to buy, so I picked a half dozen different such flashlights. One of them looked exactly like this one. There were some winners and losers; size generally makes the biggest difference, with the larger capacity 18650 3.7V battery offering the most power, but double or triple A batteries offering the most convenience. You can probably use these lights more often than you think, so having a few different types and sizes is not such a bad thing. Try this model, but feel free to try others as well. Prices can fluctuate based on popularity, so a good deal one day may turn out to be overpriced the next, after a product gets padded with good reviews. Caveat emptor.

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I have a couple of (likely) identical ones, which were a similar price. Very bright and super well made. Nicely machined from (I guess) anodized aluminum, with O-rings to make them waterproof. Amazing they can make and ship them for so little. Chinese, obviously.

I’ve been going with the single cree LED 3 AAA battery version, and they’re actually quite nice. Good battery life, even on the high setting, and I like that the ones I’ve got have a “brighter than hell” setting, a “dimmer, but still quite bright”, and a totally useless “tactical flashy” setting. Not sure that flashing a blinking bright light in someone’s eyes is going to do any more than a focused brighter than hell beam.

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I have no idea what the wattages are but I’ve got three models from thrunite and the 4AA cell light is a light saber, a real cannon, a torrential firehose of photons. And it autodims if you’re overdrawing the batteries. Their other cheaper lights are worth the 20-30 bucks, even the small ones. Very smartly designed and well made and far far brighter than I had expected. Their single AAA cell model easily outshines my 3D Maglite with an early aftermarket 3W LED in it.

I like flashlights, I need good ones for work.

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