Columbus's Santa Maria discovered?


I say we restore that thing and set it on fire.

Fuck that scumbag.


In before the first “Columbus was an awful human being” post! Ah, damn, I’m getting slow…

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Little known fact: Columbus had a fourth ship called the Sin Prudencia.

It fell over the edge.

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I know! Don’t you just hate it when people have actually read about stuff? Whatever happened to passively regurgitating centuries-old propaganda, that’s what I want to know.

…as opposed to hot, up-to-the-minute propaganda. :wink:


Oh, tots! I mean, like, you “discover” the New World and commit genocide, and all of sudden the PC police want to burn your ship!


Yes. We should destroy all the artifacts left over by those we feel have committed wrongs in history, because this will help our society to… Wait, what are we doing again?

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Should we rephrase news of the ‘discovery’ of the higgs boson because there is most certainly another civilization that was aware of it?

I knew the indigenous peoples of the New World were advanced, but I had no idea they had particle accelerators!

Excuse me sir, to the indigenous it wasn’t the “New World”, as you call it.

One of the benefits of committing genocide is the right to rename the conquered’s lands. Fairly well established historically.

You have a problem with “discover” but think “New World” is ok?

Wait, the sarcasm recursion level is getting too deep. Are you asking if I have a problem with use of “discover” or with ““discover””?

How can something be new if it wasn’t discovered?

Were the New Kids on the Block known as Kids on the Block prior to their discovery?

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No, according to the Wikipedia they were known as Nynuk

Sure it was. They came here from Asia ~15K years ago.

Really, prehistoric Asians called this land the New World?

Fucking weird.

Just don’t rename the New World Symphony, okay guys? Dvorak can’t even fight back. Then again, I suppose Columbus can’t either.

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