Comcast put customer on hold until they closed


Damn. I just went through this with CenturyLink. I was getting nowhere until I told the chat rep that I had the Cox web page open and was ready to click on “buy”. They got all apologetic real fast and fixed my service in an hour.

It must be hard to live in a place with no competition.

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RGU saved!

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Damn, that’s a long penalty hold.

Could you just cancel your direct debit agreement with the bank? Comcast can get in touch with you if it’s important.

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The dicks would probably would put a black mark in the persons credit report for non-payment…

I am also interested in why cancellation is only per telephone. Can you not sent a letter per registered mail and avoid human contact? That is how it works in Germany – in fact, you cannot cancel per telephone here, as companies are no longer allowed to treat agreements via telephone as legally binding (especially after they only did so for signing up, but not for cancellation).

Ideally, there should be some sort of cancellation clearinghouse, one that has notary powers, so that the individual companies cannot claim never to have received the cancellation. But normally sending a letter and having them sign for it (they don’t dare refuse it) is evidence enough in German courts that the companies resort instead to inflated cancellation terms instead.

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