Comcast’s attempt to bash Google Fiber backfires


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What are social media best practices as the most hated service provider in America?



I like this.


Please deposit this in the <a href=“"target=”_blank">BBS GIF Bank. Thank you in advance.


I have AT&T and my experience isn’t flat out horrible, but i have had some definite headaches. Apparently early this year some technician decided to cut the line to my apartment, apparently what happened was that a different tenant was moving out and the tech cut my line by accident. I don’t fully understand why, but after some trying i got AT&T to send someone out to fix it. The guy took forever to repair it and ever since my internet has never been the same, it drops at random and the only way to fix the connection is to restart my router (which can take 5 minutes each time, at multiple times a day).

At this point i should call AT&T but honestly i sort of dread calling customer service.


And after the 3 1/2 hours of hold music going through the 2 hours of “Yes, I rebooted my microwave.” These days I just tell people I’ve done it. “No, really, it only takes two seconds to reboot.”


I’d say, “Step 1) Don’t be the most hated service provider in America”, but it’s hard to call that a social media best practice when it’s never once been practiced by any company of which I’m aware.


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Unless I wrong in the understanding of “Most”. If fact every non-Comcast business is currently using this as a best practice. Some with intention, many by the dumb luck of Comcast profiteering.


KC Google Fiber customer here. Yeah, missed a little bit of the game. Not as long an outage as when the Fox Sports truck died, though, it seems.

The very next day, we received an e-mail from Google Fiber, expressing more (seemingly) earnest compassion than I’ve ever seen from a cableco, and a credit for 2 days of service. Automatic to all effected customers, not just the ones that bothered to complain.

Take notes, TWC/Comcast/etc. This is a company that was previously known for having really no customer service (meaning not terrible customer service, just nonexistent, due to a previous lack of need to provide customer support).


Rafael sounds quite a bit like a bot. Did anybody consider hooking him up with Eliza?


Should they use a firewall?


I used to hate Comcast too, then I tried century link fiber. I went running back. Comcast may have shitty customer service but they lower my bill when I ask, and they deliver reliable, consistent speed. Centuylink sold me on gigabit fiber but were only able to deliver 20Mbit down/5Mbit up for more money than they promised. They lied, their customer service was much worse than Comcast, and their product is total shit.


Asking a service provider to lower their fee and having them comply always feels like catching a thief doesn’t it?

It makes you stay and hate them all at the same time.


Please, don’t stop hating Comcast just because Century Link is worse. When we were kids, I used give my little brother the “gift” of ceasing to kick him so he could feel the relief. He never really appreciated it somehow.


Want a hertz donut?


Can’t wait to switch to Google Fiber here in Nashville. Just worried I may have to move into a house to do it (due to Concast have exclusive deals with the apartment complexes here).

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