Comcast says its attempt to shut down TorrentFreak by claiming copyright on court filing was "error"


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Dear Jenni,

You are lying. You are a liar. No offense intended, but it is important that it is said.


Everybody who read your letter.


Cyveillance has to be the worst company name I’ve ever heard.


I dunno, it’s pretty terrible, but my wallet reflexively clenches every time I hear “Comcast”. Maybe I’m not objective, having been a customer once.

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What a terrible response. I wouldn’t even accept that from my 2.5 year old daughter, should she similarly be caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

It takes a deliberate act to send a C&D like a legal document (or if it doesn’t, it should). You don’t do it by accident.

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You certainly don’t do it repeatedly, in error.

I like “accitentional” to describe such events.

Companies send automated letters like this all over the place (look at all the places that have received DMCA takedown notices due to automated bots thinking that Cory’s “Homeland” novel was an episode of the TV show “Homeland”).

Having said that, this particular one seems like it would be hard to “accidentally” send out in any kind of automated way.

If they advised TorrentFreak to ignore the notice, have they told their legal department or Cyveillance? If I were TorrentFreak, I’d want some solid signed documentation on the “oops”, not just an email.

Three words: Weak, Lame, Cowardly.

That photo of us putting a gun to your head? Typo.

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Hi Cory - I saw your post that the media had noticed and wanted to let you your readers know this notice was sent in error (in that we thought you guys wouldn’t notice), and we have advised TorrentFreak to disregard it. We apologize for any confusion getting caught.

At least that’s how I read it in my head.


Comcast has too much power. They can affect half the country with a flick of their wrist. It’s time to break them up. They wield too many monopolistic powers as to be good for society. They are simply too big to exist in a truly free market. Break it up.

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I always picture Gilda…

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