Cox cable: Rightscorp is a mass copyright infringer

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Generally happy with Cox at home (their customer service has actually been useful and non-stressful when needed). Good to see this side of them as well!

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Cox is both my cable TV and ISP. I like their service overall - except when they dropped FM service way-back-when - and am glad to hear they’re pursuing this. I may just get a land line from them, too, after reading this article!

here’s hoping Cox can drive a stake into Rightscorp’s heart (if they have one).

Instead of sending takedown notices to torrent sites asking them to remove infringing content, Rightscorp relies on these torrents to conduct its business.

Now all that’s needed is to find that Rightscorp is hosting one or more of these torrents and we have a complete extortion rackett.

Cox, eh? My current contract is up, sounds like it’s time to move.

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Petards aren’t hoisted, they do the “hoisting,” a.k.a. blowing up. (I suppose one could hoist a petard, but that’s not the meaning of the phrase.)

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