Rightscorp cuts-and-runs as soon as it is challenged in court



It works both ways, of course. A corporation once threatened to sue me for the princely sum of $300. I quickly calculated how much of a corporate attorney’s time that would buy, and trashed the letter.

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I absolutely love Grande Communications. Been with them for over a decade. The customer service is fantastic.

if the problems can’t be fixed over the phone they will send out a technician that day… even after dark. The last time I needed them the house tech came out but found that the issue was in the line. there was a guy up the pole to fix the line within 30 minutes.

the only issue i have is that their internet speeds are nowhere near the “up to” cap on my service… but it’s fast enough for my needs and the customer service more than makes up for it.


This phrase you use… I do not think it means what you think it means.

There’s a vast difference between “it won’t ultimately work” and “Will not be Tolerated”. The latter requires that some punitive measure is taken, or at a minimum, some bar put in place, to halt the activity. Troll lawsuits never seem to have that happen, until it get’s outrageous and embarrassing, ie Prenda Law.

(Edit to try to make clear it was Grande’s quote being quoted, not a statement from Mr Doctorow)

Remember these are the smart men who think that because they feel SCOTUS will overturn the law eventually so they don’t need to follow it. Their lawyer needs a visit to the bar for questions about ethics.

Oh and if you think the court case is interesting, add to it an actual voicemail they are leaving targets.


I think the FTC/FCC/DoJ might have an issue with them robodialing people, using information improperly gained, and outright admitting it is over copyright after claiming it was DMCA. I wonder what a Judge would think of this, and only hope they get one who is tired of the law being abused.

On the upside it is very possible many consumers might try suing their provider for handing out information.
Rightscorp has claimed they had agreements with X isps to just hand information over to them. So I expect this is going to get very messy very quickly.

I wonder if this hurt their stockprice, SJD at FightCopyrightTrolls.com had looked into their price after their big announcements in the past.

Ugh, that quote is over and done with.
I’m sick of it. Please, please just correct the other person or tell them they’re wrong.
Just please, no more I do not think it means what you think it means; I don’t hear Mandy Patinkin when I see that anymore, just some adolescent talking in a “nyah-nyah” voice.
It’s just got to die.


My best friend worked as a field and phone tech for them and always had stories about how Grande operates. I gained much respect for them over the way they do business.

twice I’ve had Grande stop my internet access because HBO and Lucas both told them that I was downloading their product. HBO was correct, I was stealing it. Lucas was incorrect, why on earth would i bother watching, let alone stealing the latest star wars film. Either way, I called Grande, they told me what was up, told me to remove the files (including the .torrent file, note they did not say delete) from my computer and then call them back. With the Lucas, when i told them I didn’t have the files they simply said to call them back when the files were no longer on my machine (nice and easy way to cover both our buts on a recorded phone call). Within seconds of calling back my net was available.

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