Comcast spams social media with Net Neutrality promises, hopes you won't notice that they used to promise a LOT more

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We can trust them!



This really seems like one of the rare cases where all you need to do to win the argument is make people aware of it.


I say spam them back in the replies with tons of facts they don’t want discussed in the public’s view



They have no incentive whatsoever to keep any promise, no matter how many they make. The only language they speak is money and the only consequence they understand is financial ruin. Since they’re a monopoly in most regions, they’re comfortably sheltered from the latter. If people had alternatives to Comcast everywhere, they’d be out of business within minutes.


Connect a carrier class line like an OC-192 to a gigabit capable router, route all traffic originating or destined to a non-paying website and you have slowed the customers connection to those sites without throttling.

Why on earth would they spend money lobbying for the right to fuck with your internet traffic if they had no intention of doing so?


The only thing scarier than a large corporation telling you what it’s going to do is one that tells you what it’s not going to do.


Except they have this simple, devious byte that idiots eat up:

“I don’t want government controlling my internet!”


I don’t think even those right-wing magic words carry much power here. The emotional foundation of “small government” dogma is the fear that a vast, dumb, unaccountable force will steamroller the little guy. People who fear that probably aren’t what you’d call natural Comcast fans.

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… Our just set the access router’s default route to some poor schmuck’s T-1 line. either way, no one’s getting out of that one until it’s un-done.

While I can only speak for the local CableCo in my area (Cox), I can tell you with some certainty that they do screw with traffic on a pretty frequent basis:

  • hijack non-existent domain names to their search page
  • silent transparent caching of large files and serving it from cache instead of the original site (CDN-esque behavior, but without the actual thing of being a CDN)
  • hours/minutes late on your payment? EVERY page goes to their site so you can pay up. (via dickery with the cable modem’s routing tables, I suspect- I paid on the day it was due, and had to reboot the damn modem to get access back.)

So yeah, Comcast’s arguement is INVALID.


Was going to say pretty much the same, so I will just leave a like and be on my way :slight_smile:

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“I want to buy my Internet access like I buy my cable TV channels.”

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If Comcast is pro net neutrality then their shareholders should sue them for not maximizing profits.


But this issue isn’t about whether the government gets to control your internet, it’s about whether your ISP gets to control your internet.

So the right response to this is: “But do you want your ISP to control your internet? Or do you want to control it?”


Yeah, I totally get it. What we’re talking about is the way people do or don’t fall for this spin. Check out what my aunt posted to her Facebook page today:

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