Comcast has been planning to ditch Net Neutrality principles for months

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Why is this the least bit surprising? You think a corporation wouldn’t have a contingency plan for “what if they meet our demands?”


I will admit to getting quickly confused when things start getting technical. But why would the telecoms want to abandon net neutrality if they didn’t hope to profit?

I mean, of course they’re going to start screwing people over (or threatening to screw people over if they don’t upgrade to the Platinum Star service package—“the same Internet you used to love, for only 80% more every month”).


And even when they do act badly, how are you supposed to quit verizon or comcast when they lock you into contracts? I’ve gone the non-contract route, and they rape you - nearly double the charge per month.

Well, looks like I’m never getting Comcast. Which probably means I’ll never be able to get actual broadband, as they may be the only provider where I live (ironically in the middle of Silicon Valley). I just looked at some map-based list of providers, which listed only four companies for my area. AT&T, which I already have a sub-broadband service with (and seem to have hit the maximum speed where I am); Comcast; a company that, when I checked their own website, claimed to not offer internet at my address; and another company that does wireless internet (at enormous prices). My neighborhood seems to be insufficiently middle class for high-speed internet (too far from fiber), and the idea that there’s any sort of choice is laughable.


I don’t think anyone is surprised.


I use a microwave dish connected to Simply Bits in Tucson, costs about $50/month.

More expensive than what I’ve got, but cheaper than what I was looking at (and as it’s not available here, that’s a moot point), though their actual broadband plan is still absurdly expensive - at least four times more than what that kind of internet service would cost in Western Europe.

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